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Anger Busting 101: New ABCs for Angry Men and the Women Who Love Them

In this ground breaking book, Newton Hightower explains how he was once a rageaholic, tried meditation, pillow-pounding and other methods to release his anger to no avail. He kept thinking he could gain control and change his behavior. Through his own experience with rage, and the consequences of being fired and becoming depressed, he developed this revolutionary way to recover from anger. And now he shares his methods with you to free you from the chains of rage and destruction.

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The New ABCs for Angry Men – Abstaining – The First Step in Recovery

3 Audio CDs loaded with over 2 hours of life changing information.

Now, you can stop your raging, save your marriage and your job. The first step is to STOP doing what self-help books have been telling you, “Express Your Anger!”

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Certified Anger Resolution Therapist™ Home Study Certification

Master the proven, effective intervention techniques for rageholics! A direct, three-step approach (the ABCs) to resolving anger in men. The Anger Resolution Therapy Certification™ Training Home Study is invigorating, fun and provides step-by-step training, certification and marketing tips. It includes examples of actual interviews.

Learn the individual interview and group approaches to maintaining control of the session and preventing conflict from erupting in your office.

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12 Questions on Anger Resolution

In this helpful and informative DVD, Newton Hightower answers 12 basic questions about anger.

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