Specializing in Healing/Transforming Marriages Damaged by Anger

Angry men can learn how to stop their angry and controlling behavior completely and start immediately acting in ways to make their partners happy in the relationship.

The men I see in the Men's Anger Management Program leave the first session
with a specific assignment to show their partner within the following 24 hours
that they can change their angry, controlling behavior and can begin acting
in a loving supportive way.

PBS show on Newton’s Breakthrough Methods

"What an incredible story of overcoming anger. This man was so courageous to tell his story!"
-- Response to YouTube Video by Lezlee Brinkman

Help for Men With Anger Management Issues

Would you like to mend your broken relationship and save your marriage? Stop fault-finding, sarcasm, arguing, justifying, righteous indignation, rage and violence, and learn to be happy in life through effective counseling. Newton Hightower specializes in creating positive change for men with anger, depression and relationship problems.

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Help for Spouses

Spouses of angry men often bear the brunt of their partner’s anger management issues. With professional counseling, you can learn how you can help your partner want to change.

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Find an Anger Management Therapist

The Center for Anger Resolution certifies therapists on our unique anger management therapy techniques. Find a certified anger management therapist in your area:

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International Experts Endorse Newton Hightower’s Approach

Donald S. Williamson, Ph.D. is an international expert and author on the issue of integrity. He is former Professor of Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine and Past President of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy.

Paul Ekman, Ph.D. & Newton Hightower, LCSW speak in a live interview San Francisco December 13, 20012. Dr. Ekman was named by the American Psychological Association as "One of the most influential psychologists of the 20th century."


Angry men should not even mention their angry feelings toward their partner. It is better for them to declare their love and reassure their partner. Both the international experts in the videos above endorse this approach.