Anger Management Counseling for Men

Would you like to mend your broken relationship and save your marriage?

Don’t be alone or ashamed another day in your life! Stop the cycle of anger, blame and criticism. Stop fault-finding, sarcasm, arguing, justifying, righteous indignation, rage and violence. Learn to be happy in life through effective counseling! Some people are as addicted to anger and rage as others are to alcohol. Let the ABCs of anger management give you hope and a new way of life. Abstain Believe Communicate for life! Mr Hightower specializes in creating positive change for men with anger, depression and relationship problems.

“Destructive anger hurts your health, makes you miserable, blocks solutions, wastes your energy, keeps you helpless, invites attacks, imprisons your spirit, wrecks human relations, gives you headaches, causes accidents, ruins restful sleep and turns a love life into a lonely life.” — Newton Hightower

Help for your Anger is within your Reach!

The Center For Anger Resolution, Inc. can help you resolve your anger and take back your life. We offer a men’s group that meets weekly in Houston – join and learn new ways of behavior to enjoy life!

Call 1-877-NO-ANGER (662-6437) or email for a one-on-one anger management session.