The New ABCs for Angry Men – Abstaining – The First Step in Recovery

3 Audio CDs loaded with over 2 hours of life changing information.

Now, you can stop your raging, save your marriage and your job. The first step is to STOP doing what self-help books have been telling you, “Express Your Anger!”

No, what we angry men need to do to start our journey of healing is to learn to “SHUT UP!” That means no profanity, name calling, raising our voice or sometimes not talking at all when the anger is churning. We can learn to keep the lid on our pressure cooker and turn off the fire and let the steam turn back into cool water.

The New ABC’s for Angry Men has helped thousands of men to save their marriages when wives and their therapists had given up. These CD’s have behaviors you can do that your wife will notice right away! Get started now!

Newton Hightower, LCSW, CART, is the Founder and Director of The Center for Anger Resolution, Inc., which provides a training program for therapists to become Certified Anger Resolution Therapists. He is the former Director of the Baylor Family Medicine Counseling Clinic and Past President of the Houston Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

You’ll discover:

  • Why Anger is a Drug
  • How to Shut Up and Leave
  • What Pitfalls to Avoid
  • How to Turn Off the Road to Anger
  • Ways to Tell the Truth
  • How to Tell a Deeper Truth
  • Mastering Patience and Discipline
  • Practicing Prayer and Meditation
  • Simple Ways to Stop Arguments
  • What the Deep Dog House Exit Is
  • When to use the Shallow Dog House Exit
  • How to Practice these Principles


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